We have done this before, many times, and with clients like you.

Fine-tuned ideas of visionary founders and helped create successful plans and Pitch decks

We worked for the founder team of a healthcare technology startup company and created the financial budget and operational plan, with a specific focus on early liquidity management and reach of finances. Afterwards, we created the relevant documents - including PPT presentations, Excel "maps" to hand over etc. - that supported the investor pitch process over various rounds and with multiple high-profile investors. Eventually, we helped secure multiple financing rounds (Seed Round, followed by Series A through C), comprising both individual investors, large international tier-1 VC funds, and later a tier-1 PE fund.

Provided out of the box incorporation services to startups and international expansion companies

We established legal entities, including the creation and detailing of all relevant contract and other administrative / legal material, in Europe and the Near East (Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Spain and Israel) as well as in the US (Delaware, New York State, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and other states)

Led European expansion for US Tech company as fractional COO and CFO

We worked as (fractional) COO with part-time responsibilities of CFO for both US and multiple European entities (focus on Germany, UK and Spain) of a growing technology startup company with over 300 employees

Created effective Voll­kosten­rechnung and financial planning from existing financial data to enhance decision making for contractor businesses of all sizes

We developed a tailored and specific Excel-based "Vollkostenrechnungs-Model" for a small (2.5M EUR revenue, 25 employees) German contractor business, helping optimize the calculation and proposal process, leading to significant profitability improvements

Conducted IDW S-6 study for turnaround case and managed bank communication

We created various S-6 "Sanierungsgutachten" studies for various German companies of all sized, from mid-size contractor businesses to larger manufacturing and civil engineering firms and hospitals. We follow all IDW standards and manage the communication with key banks, ensuring that - if there is a realistic turnaround case - all relevant stakeholders buy-in and support the solution from the start

Identified and executed on cost saving and efficiency improvement programs for portfolio companies

We reviewed comprehensively all operations and other cost drivers (such as financing cost, service provider cost / professional service fees, etc.) and developed in-depth cost-benefit analyses for each of the relevant drivers. Based on that, we quantified improvement opportunities across various levels of savings aggressiveness, and derived detailed implementation plans for each. Based on that, we also created executive decision material for each to be used by the respective Boards / owners to decide how to move forward

Developed comprehensive Value Capture Plan (VCP) with European PE fund for potential target

We combined both top-line and bottom-line improvement opportunities for a mid-size German manufacturing company and their PE investor into a comprehensive Value Creation Plan (VCP) with over 50 separate identified opportunities. We modeled the financial impact of each opportunity and developed implementation plans for the most relevant set of 25 opportunities